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Cdling builds trust between startups, investors and experts across global startup communities. We measure reputations based on ability to assess startups. Get in the game of innovation.
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What is cdling?

Cdling (pronounced "seedling") is the world’s most consequential community of innovators. Using Cdling’s scientific ratings, startups, investors and experts can trust each other faster, across distance and areas of expertise. Your reputation on Cdling is based on your ability to Muse about startups, not how much noise you make. With Cdling you keep up on “The Next Big Thing” based upon the measured opinions of real experts like you. Everyone earns their status on a level playing field.


Your Cdling Score is based upon your real world position..
Use your CD$ (a twitter friendly spelling of "seeds") to get recognized and rewarded for Musing about startups and helping Founders improve.

  • Small_sd1
    September 07 Vahid Jozi | Bunch
    "When will Bunch raise at least $150000 in Angel financing?" Vahid thinks it is possible from "90 to 180 days (Mar. 04, 2013)"
  • Userdefault
    September 06 Patrick Hannigan | Bunch
    "When will Bunch raise $10m?" Patrick thinks it is possible "During 2013"
  • Userdefault
    September 06 Cyril Robert | Bunch
    When will Bunch report >$100,000 in revenue?" Cyril thinks it is possible from "180 days to 9 months (Jun. 05, 2013)"
  • Userdefault
    September 06 John Eckert | Bunch
    "When will Bunch report >$100,000 in revenue?" John thinks it is possible from "180 days to 9 months (Jun. 05, 2013)


Present yourself and use Cdling to find and reward investors and experts who are the best innovators to Muse about your startup. Founders, you can improve your startup’s rating and get rewarded for alerting the community on your achievements and advancements.


Scout startups vetted by experts and other investors that you know you can trust. Get dependable measurement of any startup’s risk. Distinguish yourself as a maven who cares about helping startups and Founders succeed.


Your global ranking as an innovator is measured in CD$ (a twitter friendly spelling of “seeds”). CD$ are a reputational currency that are allocated to you upon joining based upon your real world status as an investor, expert or Founder.

When you contribute valuable musings about startups on Cdling, or adjust your position based upon new information, you are rewarded with CD$ and get recognized as your reputation improves.


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